Three weeks

I returned to the Doctor today for my 3 week post op checkup. All looks good (sorry for the pun.)

I’ve cracked the 20/30 line on the chart. I was able to see two letters on that line with a little blinking and concentration. The people in the office continue to use phrases like “that’s great,” “looks excellent,” and other superlatives. I can only assume that things are going very well.

I’ve been cleared to exercise, bike riding, walking, etc. No lifting that “makes you grunt.” That’s clear — the sit ups will have to wait. But, I will get to do some more activity.

I also asked about driving. Dr. Carson said that legally my vision was good enough, but I should only drive in the best conditions. That’s fine, I haven’t actually had any situations where not being able to drive was a huge problem.

My driver’s license vision test is early next month. Bad timing. We will have to see what happens. Might be a little awkward if I’m asked why I haven’t driven for a month. “Oh, I haven’t trusted my vision, but I should be able to pass this vision test.”


A Swimming Milestone

Today I reached a milestone.

In June I started swimming again after 19 years out of the pool.  In high school I had been an above average swimmer on my schools swim team.  But that all ended when I left for college.  Over the years my weight has balooned and I was in pretty awful shape.

Then in June I started swimming.  My family went with a few other families to a water park out in the sun of the East Bay.  The park had a swimming pool with a lane set aside for lap swimming, so I jumped in and did a few lengths.  That got the bug in me.  I went and bought goggles and got into a public pool the next week.

Oh, the agony.  I swam maybe 600 yards and was nearly physically ill on the drive home.  Just shows what 19 years out of the pool will do to you.  So I set my sights on getting my yardage up.  Specifically I wanted to swim twice a week and get up to 2,000 yards a session by the end of September.

I actually did pretty well at the two times a week.  Better than I expected.  I still am often very tired when I get out.  No hopping out of the pool like I used to.

Well after 3 months, I swam 2,000 yards today.   And, I didn’t feel half bad after getting out.

Now I will have some surgery (that will be another post) and hope that I can get back in the water in a few months.  In the meantime I’ll concentrate on shedding some weight.

But I’m happy with where I’ve gotten.  I am in much better shape even now for my surgery, and hopefully it will help in recovering quickly.

When am I going to get some exercise?

Matt made a new post on his blog Runner’s Journey this weekend that got me wondering (again) what I am going to do about getting some exercise.

The last time I ran was 5 or 6 years ago. At that time I had the urge to lose some weight and try to feel better. I did pretty well. I lost about 20 lbs and was able to run around my local lake (Lake Merced: 4-5 miles). Then, I had a surgery which made running uncomfortable for a few months and I’ve never gotten back out since.

If Matt keeps it up, I may find myself out on a run some chilly morning. Keep it up Matt.