2 Months Later

Tomorrow will be two months since my cornea transplant.

First, my eye feels great!  I only occationally feel reminders that my eye has stiches in it.  More often than not my only reminder that I had surgery is that my left eye doesn’t have allergy problems.  My right eye will often be itchy scratchy watery bloodshot from allergies.  Generally driving me crazy, and I feel nothing in my left eye.  This is thanks to the continuing regimine of eye drops.

Last week I went swimming for the first time since my surgery.  No surprises here.  I’ve lost a lot of conditioning.  The difference this time is that my kids went with me too.  The pool has a lane set aside for lap swimming during the evening recreation time.  So I went and swam laps and then went over and swam with my kids for the rest of the time.  In the long run this won’t be good for my conditioning, but for now I have plenty of time to swim with the kids after I am finished swimming laps.

Today, I officially passed my drivers vision test.   It wasn’t easy.  I have new glasses which should improve my vision in the left eye to 20/40 but this morning I had to work hard to read the required 20/70 line with just my left eye.  (I am noticing that sometimes during the day my eyesight is worse and sometimes better.) Still this is far better than the capabilities of my left eye previously.  I hope it continues to improve.  Even as it is I feel less hesitant to drive at night.

Finally,  the reason I began this whole process was because I had so much trouble reading the computer screen that I was always leaning on my elbows to get closer.  I think that I am beginning to see an improvement in my posture.  I am catching myself hunched over on my elbows less and less.

Overall, I am very happy.  Only 2 months out from the surgery and some of the things that needed correction are starting to be sorted out.