Radio “Excursion”

Sunday I took the K2 for an “excursion”. About 20 feet to be exact, into the beautiful outdoors.

The reason was to get on 30 meters. Matt (KK6CB) and I made a sked for some cross town cw at 10110MHz. Since my rooftop antenna won’t load up on 30m I needed to set up my homebrew field vertical. And since I didn’t have coax long enough to reach my shack I moved the shack outdoors. It was a fun afternoon.

The single handed antenna set up worked great. Unfortunately, Matt and I weren’t able to work each other very well on 30m. Matt wasn’t able to hear my QRP signal. He was running 50 watts though, which made him workable at my end.

So we chatted for a little while on the local 2m repeater instead. So in the end it wasn’t actually a loss. I got to talk radio and play radio.

Here are some photos.